Law Enforcement are responsible for enforcing enforcing the laws. although often they come under scroungy


Police engage in a mock raid.

for what some believe to be unlawful practices.

Description Edit

The most prevalent type of Law Enforcement agent in the United States is the police officer (often called cop). Cops patrol their beat as well as respond to crimes. More sever forms of law enforcement include government agents and SWAT team members.

Types of Law Enforcement Edit

Patrol Officer Edit

Patrol Officers are the lowest form of Law Enforcement. They are the ones who roll around in squad cars and upon seeing or being informed of low level crimes they will step in to stop it. Patrol Officers are the easiest type of Law Enforcement to spot.


SWAT, which is short for Special Weapons and Tactics are the guys called in to handle major crimes such as a shootout or robbery in progress. They are well trained and can usually take out a target with little difficulty.

Detective Edit

Detectives are called on to investigate crimes and find out what happened as well as arrest the perpetrators. Detectives generally don't wear a uniform.

Federal Agents Edit

Sometimes called Feds Federal Agents are called in to deal with investigating MAJOR crimes such as murdering a high up politician or bombing a government office.