Crime is an activity which is outside the law. The police often investigate and attempt to stop crime. Sometimes the police will solve a crime using an informant.

Store robbery

A typical Robbery.

Types of Crime in the Hood Edit

Burglary Edit

Burglary is a broad range of crimes which includes stealing small items to Carjacking to big time bank robberies.


Murder is again a broad range of crimes which involves killing another person. More specific types include Drive-By Shootings, per-meditated murder (1st Degree), and gang related.

Drugs Edit

Probably the most broad type of crime of them all Drug charges can be as small as possession of a small amount of drugs, to large scale distribution.

Illegal Gambling Edit

Illegal Gambling is a type of crime which involves unauthorized betting/ gambling.

Sex Crimes Edit

Sex Crimes in another broad type of crime which can refer to crimes like Prostitution as well as bigger crimes like rape.

Punishment Edit

Punishments for crimes could be fines or imprisonment. In the most sever cases crimes can be punished by the penalty of death.